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Telecoms Buying Group (TBG) was established in 2002, as a spin off from Billing Bureau. It began as a joint venture between Billing Bureau (then known as ObjectiveWare) and WorldPacific to aggregate purchase of mobile airtime on the Vodafone network, with the obvious target market being the service provider customers who were reselling fixed wire services at the time.

By virtualising the mobile product, TBG was able to break down the barriers to entry to mobile service providers (MVNOs) and helping them enter the market and diversify their product range. This is consistent with the industry trend towards convergent telecommunications services.

TBG differs from other wholesale providers in that it provides the knowledge and coaching to be effective in the mobile market. The mobile industry is very complex and driven by confusing retail pricing and large carriers with big pockets. Being effective as an MVNO requires a more refined strategy, and TBG combines this knowledge with the core wholesale supply and creative pricing and product structures to help our customers be successful.

David Werdiger is the founder and Director of TBG. David has a background in software development and mathematics, and was also the founder of Billing Bureau. He is the driving force behind TBG's technical innovations and vision. As the company's founder, he has played a crucial role in identifying new market opportunities and building the company through innovative technology design.

aDavid is also active in several not-for-profits. David writes extensively through his personal blog  and in online magazines on a variety of topics including religion, sport (mostly AFL and NFL), sport and religion, Middle East policitcs, entrepreneurship, and more personal things. He splits his time between TBG and other business interests, and not-for-profits focussed on community building, providing informative events and other services to the Jewish community.